So Much Depends Upon Online Dating (Excerpts)

Kate Tough

Internet Date, No Show
In the rain, the lonesome
In the rose garden in the park

Short Internet Date
I make really very little money
I must tell you

Internet S.T.D.ate
Love’s very fleas
Love’s very fleas are mine. Enter

Winternet Date
Now that I have cooled to you
Now the snow

Lines found close in the index of William Carlos Williams, Collected Poems, Vol. 2,Ed. Christopher MacGowan. Paladin Poetry 1988.

Kate Tough’s found poetry pamphlet, tilt-shift (Tapsalteerie, 2016), was included in The Bottle Imp’s ‘Best Scottish Books 2016’ and mentioned in ‘Reads of the Year’ on Her novel, Head for the Edge, Keep Walking (Cargo/Freight, 2014) has five stars on Amazon. She’s held two literature residencies for making her odd little poems (Vermont Studio Center, 2015 and Cove Park, 2014) and received three Creative Scotland funding awards (2015 poetry, 2013 poetry, 2009 fiction). More at

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