Bethanie Humphreys

Six feet tall at birth
I fell five
severed the cord
then walked ten hours
I disappear in acacia
lift the canopy’s skirt with my tongue
thick skin immune to thorns
I prefer tender greens but
have been known to lick
dried meat from jilted bones
no home but a range
I change friends with the hour
I spread my legs to drink
males neck at my feet
I will care for my young
with other mothers
silenced by my own
I see in color


Wikipedia entry on giraffes

Bethanie Humphreys is a writer, mixed media visual artist, and curator for the Sacramento Poetry Center Art Gallery. Her poetry and short fiction has been published in several literary magazines, and she was Editor in Chief of the 2015 American River Review. Her artwork has been in several juried and group shows in the Sacramento area, chosen as curator’s pick for Sac Open Studios 2014, and featured in February 2013 Sac Bee: “top five picks for exhibits to fuel the imagination.” Her goal is to further the cross-pollinization of the literary and visual arts. See more at, and

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