Jane Seymour Receives a Gift from King Henry VIII

Alice-Catherine Jennings

14 February 1537

He releases the amethyst
necklace out of its coffer,
at last—away from the rubies
and pearls, the tear-drop
earrings, the diamond
brooch with the letters
‘AB’ in gold. Deftly,
he fastens the carcanet,


across her slender neck.
The cold of the metal
causes Jane to quiver. His
broad hands warm her shoulders
whilst he stares at her breasts
with his oyster blue eyes.


Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. “Frost at Midnight.”
Keats, John. “The Eve of St. Agnes.”

Alice-Catherine Jennings is a Texas-based poet with an interest in European history and arts. She holds an MFA in Writing from Spalding University. Her poetry has appeared in various publications including Hawai’i Review, Penumbra, The Louisville Review, Boyne Berries, GTK Creative, The Poets’ Republic, and First Literary Review East.

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