Important to What We’re Talking About

Carolyn Williams-Noren

No, love. Not chin—   

Part of your leg.
This part


I think it has to do with blood. Maybe


relevant? Because in French
blood is sang.


A kind of song.

When someone gives you something
you feel you need to give them

something in return.  


A short little song         


that makes you want to sing it
over & over.


When you can’t stop doing something


even if you want to.    


Where there’s deep water you can swim in.

Dust whirls up into a funnel shape
and it spins and moves like a live thing.


From author: “When my daughters were three and five years old, they asked many times per day, ‘What does that mean?’ I wrote down all the definitions I gave them for several weeks, and made these poems (and their titles) out of that set of phrases.”

Carolyn Williams-Noren was a 2013 recipient of an Artist Initiative grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board, and a 2014-2015 winner of a McKnight Artist Fellowship. She’s also the founder and caretaker of a free poetry library ( in the Minneapolis neighborhood where she lives with her family. Her chapbook, Small Like a Tooth, is available from Dancing Girl Press.

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