Ars Poetica In Sunlight’s White Introduction: What the Blues Is Once / the Harvest Died The Brooks Gryphon Roethke’s Fur-Bearing Trout Presence II Untitled So Much Depends Upon Online Dating (Excerpts) Defiled Waters Passenger Pigeon Shame Gaia’s Letter to an Artist Important to What We’re Talking About Presence I Put Back Together Gantry My Heart is a Neon Sign Given the Circumstance I Could Be Worse Is Soon a Drifting Island Being Ferried Safe Within Their Deaths Fetishes The Armadillo If You Blink Date Night Katherine Parr Receives a Marriage Proposal from King Henry VIII Jane Seymour Receives a Gift from King Henry VIII William Dampier Loses Bearings, Heads East, Renegotiates Abel Tasman, Draws a Blank Full Tatum Found Grains of Sand At the Temple of St. Brecan, Inis Mor Ruminant That Narrow Space Nothing Gold Can Stay James Merrill Cento Jazzed Ft. Lauderdale II Aphasia