Ft. Lauderdale II

Patrice Boyer Claeys

This is where I want to live
flicked by a sealash, spun, pricked
at the edge of sand.
The red sun going down like a beach ball
leaves only, for a short time, black
shadows, negative space.
Overhead, even at midnight, the eye
composed of unearthly blue
takes delight in chasing the darkness.
Beneath the sinking moon
on the gold leaf sky
strange cawings
wing wildly across the white
towards that ruffling
of the calligrapher’s brush.


Cento composed from works by Andrew Greig, Charles Wright, Robley Wilson, Jr., Elizabeth Bartlett, Martha Collins, Marie Gauthier, Mike Dockins, Albert Goldbarth, Charles Simic, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Patricia Barone, Donald Justice, Siegfried Sassoon, Alexandra van de Kamp and Joshua Diamond

Patrice Boyer Claeys holds a certificate in poetry from The Writer’s Studio of the University of Chicago. She edited The Journal of Northwestern University and serves as a reader for the Mom Egg Review. Poems have appeared in Found Poetry Review, Mom Egg Review, Ardor, Blue Heron Review, The Avocet and Poet and Artist Chapbook of the Northwest Cultural Council. She is a member of Serious Play, a poetry workshop run by Alice George in Evanston, Illinois.

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