Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon

Found erasure by Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon

Wright, Emily. The Sands of My Life.

Natalie Damjanovich-Napoleon was raised on a farm outside Fremantle, Western Australia with her Croatian-immigrant parents and three siblings. She has toured and performed as a singer-songwriter for over 20 years, and has also worked as an ESL teacher and writing tutor. She recently completed a Master of Arts in Writing and now works as a coordinator at a City College Writing Center. She has had short stories, poetry and editorials published in Literary Orphans, The Manifest-Station, Tincture and Westerly (Australia). Currently, she lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband and six year-old son. These poems are excerpts from a book-length erasure project of Emily Wright’s The Sands of My Life.

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